I just spoke with one of the most impressive businessmen I’ve ever chatted with

His name is Syed Balkhi.

  • Started a blog called WP Beginner, a blog about WordPress.
  • The blog starts getting traffic. He writes about different WordPress plugins and how-tos.
  • After a few years, starts buying WordPress plugins. It starts working.
  • After 10-13 years, has something like 30-40 WordPress plugins.
  • Now the company does over $100m in revenue and is worth north of $1 billion.
  • The entire company is bootstrapped. He owns the entire thing. Never took funding, loans, or anything like that.
  • He’s only 32 years old.
  • An immigrant who wasn’t wealthy.

The reason why he interested me: he was incredibly disciplined. He talked about how he went from becoming an internet founder to a capital allocator. I thought this was inspiring.

Why? Because when it comes to business I think of myself as more of a creative. Not super disciplined. I think of ideas and do them and sometimes they work. I follow my gut.

There’s a place for that. I don’t think you can Excel sheet your way to initial traction. At least I can’t. You need to invent a better mousetrap and that takes creativity.

But I’m a bit past that. I have some money, success, and an audience. But I’ve not always been great at leveling up. Talking to him really encouraged me to level up. Focus more on a capital allocator mindset.

It was great. If you want to listen just search My First Million Syed on Google.

– Sam

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