About Sam Parr and The Anti-MBA

Hey all,

I’m Sam. This is my personal blog. While I run a popular content startup, this blog is just my hobby where I write about my favorite books, personal finance and whatever else I want to write about.

And if you want to learn more then read below.

Name: Sam Parr
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sam-parr/54/659/964

  • I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and went to high school at SLUH.
  • After that, I moved to Nashville to go to Belmont University TN on a D1 track scholarship (200m and 400m).
  • While in school I worked for a tv show American Pickers.
  • I started my first real business after leaving American Pickers. I was a junior in college and it a chain of hot dog stands called Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm.
  • Also started an online liquor store during my senior year. Those two businesses paid my way.
  • Wanting to start an internet company, I left college and moved to San Francisco.
  • While apartment hunting, I met a guy named John Havel. He had been working on his roommate matching startup, Bunk. I asked to join him as a co-founder. He said yes.
  • After ten months, Bunk was acquired and I worked for 1 year for the acquirer.
  • Searching for my next big idea, I start Hustle Con, a TED-like conference for entrepreneurs.
  • Unexpectedly, Hustle Con gets very popular because of the newsletter I made to promote it.
  • After traveling the country on a motorbike, I decided to turn Hustle Con into a media company, and thus The Hustle. We’re now one of America’s fastest-growing media startups and are a profitable 8-figure business that hasn’t taken VC.
  • All the while, I blog on The Anti-MBA.
  • I also own a few other software and content companies. I’ve installed CEO’s at these companies so I do not run the day to day.
  • I like to invest in startups and buy product/companies…so if you have something interesting, tell me. @thesamparr

And that, my friend, is where we are now.

A few more notes:

  • Why is this blog called The Anti-MBA? In 2012, when I moved to San Francisco, I was jealous of a lot of the new people I met who had gone to prestigious schools. They had a great network, something I wanted. So, I created a book club called The Anti-MBA. It was free (anti-mba) and we met weekly to discuss business books. I’d also get weekly speakers to attend. It then turned into a blog. And, well, here we are.
  • I get a lot of cold emails because people want to be written about in The Hustle and it stresses me out, so often I just don’t respond. Don’t be offended.
  • If you really want to reach me, message me on Facebook.
  • This blog uses Amazon Affiliates. Some of the other products are affiliate links, too.

OK, that’s all for now.