I had a wonderful weekend and I’m writing this post to remember it.

This past weekend I had an experience that I thought I should document. I’ll look back at this post one day and be like hey, that was pretty cool.

My company Hampton hosted an event with Rob Dyrdek in LA. We let ~50 Hampton members come. I’ve had Rob on the pod and admired him for years.

Now, here’s a fact about me: I hate traveling. I don’t like flying, getting out of my routine, and all that. And because I’m a baby, I particularly don’t like traveling alone. Typically, I beg my wife to come with me. But when she can’t make it, I beg my best friend Neville Medhora to join. Which he did!

We were set to fly out of Austin at 6AM on a Thursday. On Wed afternoon, I get a text from a buddy. “Hey, so my friend and I are flying tonight from Austin to LAX on his jet – I know you’re coming in the AM, wanna just ride with us?”

What a cool text!

I asked if we could leave after I put my daughter to bed and would only go if there was room for my buddy Neville. Both were a yes!

So, we made it happen! We flew their jet that evening to LAX!

The guy’s jet who we rode on, I’ve admired him for years. It was so awesome to spend time hanging with him and the entire experience was wonderful.

Then, the next day, Neville and I got lunch with our mutual friend, Ramit Sethi.

Like the guy who’s jet I went on, I’ve admired Ramit for years. I’m honored to call him a friend as I’ve gotten to know him over the past 5 or 6 years.

And then finally, Neville and I went to the Rob Dyrdek event. We hung out with Rob then I interviewed him in front of the Hampton folks followed by a dinner.

That’s three people who I got to hang out with who, for the past few years, I’ve looked up to. Plus, I got to do it with Neville. Funny enough, I became buddies with Neville because I was a huge fan of his and, like Rob and Ramit, admired him. I cold emailed Nev 10+ years ago and we’ve been close ever since. How many times am I gonna say admire in this post!

A few takeaways:

  1. Flying private is dope. I’ve done it before but never paid for it myself. I wasn’t sure it was worth it. Plus, I like keeping expenses low because I love seeing my investments grow and so I don’t want to take money away from compounding. But man, it was great. I imagine you save 3-4 hours per flight. You board the plane then take off 10-20 minutes after you arrive at the airport and then a car is waiting when you arrive.
  2. This experience was great mostly because Neville was there. There are basically only 4-5 people who I’d want to spend an experience like this with. Nev’s one of them. We’ve done a bunch of cool trips like this together and I feel immense gratitude having a buddy like him.
  3. Hampton’s cool. Me and my partner Joe created this company ~18 months ago. It’s booming. Not just in terms of being a good business, but the product has taken on a life of its own. I feel like a steward of the brand, not the owner. That’s a beautiful feeling. 50% of the attendees flew in to this event. I feel like although I started it, the community isn’t mine. Its now its own thing that I happen to be part of. The room had a buzz.
  4. I’m excited about who I’m able to surround myself. Hampton, Rob, Ramit, Neville, my partner Joe, our CEO Jordan. All of these guys are people I admired online. And now they’re my friends and coworkers. Writing this makes me realize how far I’ve come. And it makes me thankful that I’m able to be inspired by these guys and have my personality partially influenced be them.
  5. I’m proud of my work. While in LA I had a bunch of people who follow me come up and say hey. I feel thankful I have a job that impacts people enough that they come up to me on the street and say hey!

OK, that’s it. That’s the post! Below are some pics.

Neville and I at the airport.
After we landed.
I didn’t ask our hosts if we could share, so keeping this anonymous!
Me at the Hampton event. Keith and Courtney are in my Core group at Hampton. The 4th is Nick, who’s a member at Hampton and is currently going viral on Twitter ha.
Rob Dyrdek and I.
Nev and I hanging out before we head home.
Me, Ramit Sethi, and Neville.
My mama says they were magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.

Oh. And for the record, because we had to change flights, Neville and I flew back right next to the toilets on Delta…


  1. That really is great. I keep hearing some of the same names in the industry that I have been following from outside the US. Makes me want to move to the US someday to hang out with some of your peers. Like minded people help each other.

  2. Hey Sam, You met these people you admire but how do you stay in touch with them? I’ve seen you mention you don’t ask for anything and always give in relationships, Whats the key to finding that bond/your gift to give especially at an older age?

  3. Love this post!

    I’m a big fan of sharing these things bc they are good to look back on, and it’s good for your kids / or other offspring later on to look back at what great-great-grandpa was doing, etc.

  4. This is absolutely amazing! I still remember the very first event at Hampton, and now you have Rob speaking at those events and you’re even flying private to attend them. That seriously puts a big smile on my face for you 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great time. I also admire Rob and you as well. Flying private does seem dope but as a fellow mid Westerner I feel you about the money side. Although at some point your hourly rate for the 3-4 hours saved will outweigh the cost. Not to mention to coolness factor especially if you have your own jet. You’ve mentioned on the show before about sending a jet for someone or just flying out to go to someone at a moments notice. Thanks for sharing

  6. There is a big difference in networking and what you have done in your career. The former is showing up to “handshake” events and praying you will develop some relationships. The latter is about providing value to those you meet and being genuinely interested in them. Maybe you get something in the future but maybe not. Seems to be working out for you so I’ve been trying to do the same. I am learning it’s definitely a long-term play

  7. Great post, thank you for the read!

    Was inspired by the private jet until I saw Nev’s quads which stole the show.

    Lesson learned – never skip leg day!

  8. This story sounds cool and all, but I’m not impressed.

    What I am impressed by is living extremely close to a few best friends (who are also amazing), spending time together often and enjoying life — while all of you are millionaires and can afford to do whatever you want.

    Now, that’s impressive! (and what I dream to achieve)

    1. I thought that line was amazing too. 100% something I respect and would say too. Full dad mode! Nice work!

    2. I thought that line was amazing too. 100% something I respect and would say too. Full dad mode! Nice work! Sounds like a good weekend overall. Very inspiring.

  9. What a fantastic post. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your experience. I like how you ended it like the pod “OK, that’s it. That’s the post!”

    Sam, do you think you would consider flying private at some point? Hire instead of buy?

  10. Sam, I admire how much admiration you have for such admirable people.

    But for real, this post inspires. Big takeaway for me: the skill of building and maintaining friendships over the internet can pay dividends for life.

    So cool to get a glimpse into what these relationships can look like 3, 6, 10 years down the road.

  11. Love to see it Sam. Like you, I spent this weekend surrounded by the brightest builders, founders, and people I admire.

    16 Boston students cramped in a Cape Cod rental we were gifted for 48 hours. It was incredible.

    The conversations were exciting.
    The bonding was beautiful.
    And the memories will last a lifetime.

    But most importantly, I realized something.

    There is no monetary number that can be placed on experiences like these.

    Thanks Sam. Happy to see you happy.

  12. Class all the way – talk about creating a life instead of just living it and yes, Nevilles quads are impressive

  13. I’m 19.
    If you were me. What’s your 4 step plan for makin cool friends like this if you don’t have a reputation?
    have you written this anywhere?

  14. Sam, you’re an inspiration. Not mainly because you’re ”succesful” by most people’s definition (money, business etc) – but because you do things your way and surround yourself with people you ADMIRE!

    Ps. Such a pleasant and wholesome read. Let’s make blogging big again!

  15. These types of blog posts are amazing, Sam! I love it when successful people document their journeys. There’s something about real-life communities that will never be replicated in online groups. Being in a room full of ambitious people rubs off on everyone. I can’t wait to move to SF next month and experience what it’s like to be surrounded by people smarter than myself!

  16. If there’s one thing you take away from this blog, for me, it’s probably this: the best friends are the people you admire.

  17. Love the post and all the love! I’ll start doing this myself. The funniest part was the Delta part LOL. Flying 3 hours smelling poop is not good! haha!

  18. Sam, private jet is the way to travel! Saves so much valuable time! No waiting in line, no connecting flights, or layovers. Flying to the destination direct – it’s so choice! My company (world’s largest plastics recycler) flies me to customer locations to solve quality problems. I don’t get to do it enough (because I love to travel), but when I do, the customer recognizes that my company is serious about taking care of them.

    Seeing your weekend makes me wish I was younger and had taken more chances, because those connections with like-minded entrepreneurs are game-changing opportunities. One of my current goals is to buy a company and grow it big enough to get me into Hampton, so I can make those kind of connections and have those kind of experiences. Congrats! And congrats on the new baby. That changes everything about how you think about life!

  19. “the product has taken on a life of its own. I feel like a steward of the brand, not the owner” – this is amazing. I wish you to keep this as long as possible.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  20. My husband is wearing those Gump shoes right now while he is doing a presentation to an investor in the mining industry. I can’t get him out of them….

  21. Enjoyed this post immensely, Sam. You, Shaan, MFM, Neville et all have carried me through a very tough, lonely Covid period. So…thank you guys for being you. Authentic, transparent, trailblazers doing your stuff and letting us in along for the ride to learn, absorb and create our own version. A Harvard MBA could not dream of coming close to the lessons you share. Thank you 🙂

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  23. Awesome to see some of my favorite folks jamming together. Appreciate these more personal posts, too!

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