Geek to Freak: I Just Called Out Someone to a 200m Track Race…and Will CRUSH Them

I went on a podcast the other day and called out a guy named Tyrone when I said I’d crush him in a 400m race (link).

The backstory: I was an exceptional high school track and field athlete (proof). I ran a little under 50 seconds in the 400m and about 21.9. I even ran cross country, running in the 17’s for the 5k and 4:40’s in the mile.

I also ran Division I track and had a scholarship, but I didn’t apply myself and was only ok, running around 48 seconds in the 400m and 21 high for the 200m.

Since graduating I’ve always lifted or run a little, but nothing major. However, I’m still pretty cocky about running because fit me could beat most people (even though I’m far from fit now and have no reason to be cocky!).

So, two weeks ago on a podcast, the host told me about a fast guy in tech/banking. Without thinking, I said I’d whoop him.

That guy is Tyrone Ross. He’s a financial advisor in NYC.

Turns out…he’s really fast! It looks like he was faster than me at the 400m when we were both at our prime, but I MIGHT have beat him in the 200m.

And even though he’s 40 years old now…he’s still fast! He can still run 46 or 47 seconds, which is fast, regardless of age. But at 40 years old, that might be one of the fastest in America for that age group.

So, after I called him out on the podcast, he heard about it and accepted the challenge. We race in Sept. Initially, it was a 400m race. But I’m not in great shape and he for sure is, so that wouldn’t be a close race at all. So we agreed to a 200m.

I think I have a 15% chance of winning. But who cares. I’ll get fit in the process, make a new friend, have fun…and maybe, just maybe…kick some ass :). And most importantly, I’ll have my Uncle Rico moment and get to relive my high school and college training days.

And I fully intend to talk loads of trash. But Tyrone seems like a great guy…so it’s all in good fun!


So, here’s my starting point and goals:

  • Current weight: 204, 20-22% BF
  • Goal weight: 185, 13% BF
  • Previous PR: 21.5
  • Goal time: 23.00
  • Current time: ? Likely 25-26.
  • Avoid injury and be consistent. 
  • Be healthy
  • And most importantly: have fun and use this challenge as motivation.

I’ll blog here weekly about my training. Follow me on Twitter to see when new posts go live.

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