The Anti-MBA Book Club…is BACK!

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The Anti-MBA Book Club is BACK!!!!

From 2012 to 2014 I hosted weekly book club called The Anti-MBA.

The group read a book a month (mostly business-y stuff) and had weekly in person discussions. Often times, I’d find an expert on the book’s topic (or even the author), and theywould lead the discussion. I’d send out reading assignments for the week, my book notes and other resources.

While the book club lasted, we had about 20 people attending each week and another 3,000 following online.

And that’s why I called in The Anti-MBA…we were getting a good education while networking wth badasses. But, as my company started to grow I had to dedicate more time to that and less on The Anti-MBA.

For the years though I realized how much fun I got from this group though, and you people ask me all the time to start it up again, so I am.

And so…I’m here to tell you that The Anti-MBA Book Club is back.

Here are the rules:

  • No meetups – I have a fulltime job that takes up a ton of time. So, I can’t manage weekly meetups. These will take place in the FB group. Maybe we’ll meet in person from time to time but not weekly.
  • Book a month – We’ll read a book a month. I’ll pick it then send out read assignments. Each week we’ll meet up online to talk about it. And I’ll try to send out notes and summaries. If it doesn’t take too much time, I’ll get the author to come speak.
  • This is a selfish thing for me to do – The reason I started this group years ago was because I want to pressure to read more. So, if I had a group like this, I was forced to read ahead. Because of that, nearly every book we pick is something I’m interesting in. This means most books will be biography or business related.
  • Intense!– One downsides of bookclub is that most people don’t read the books. One person does (me) and they give that info out. That’s not horrible. But, when we discuss these things, I want people to come prepared with a strong opinion and facts to back it up! THIS is the type of conversations I want to have…smart talks with smart people that make us smarter.

Sound good?

The club starts on January 1.

This first month’s book with be Ray Dalio’s Principles.

Buy the book now. The Audible book is great. In a couple days I’ll email you with a reading schedule and access to a private FG group.

– Sam

PS: I’m writing is on a plane home for the holidays…so there will be typos.

NOTE: This was sent to my email subscribers. To join the book club you need to subscribe. To do that, enter your email on any form on the site. 


I'm Sam and I write about cool gadgets, books, and other outrageous products and business stuff. Additionally, this blog also has a monthly book club where we read and talk about business books.

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