Book of the month: Man’s Search For Meaning

This month’s book is gonna be a littttttle bit different from what we’ve read in the past.

…Many people claim their outlook on life completely changed after reading this book…

…The Library of Congress named this book one of the ten most influential books in America…

…Lili, an Anti-MBA member, said that this book shaped the way she looks at life…

So here it is, this month’s book is:

[symple_highlight color=”yellow”]Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl[/symple_highlight]

“Woah, woah, woah, Sam. A book on feelings, come on!?”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about business and I LOVE money and all that kinda stuff.

But I’m going through a quarter-life-crisis (and I have a feeling I’m not alone).

You see, I’ve done the passive income thing, I’ve started a handful of businesses, and I’ve played the startup life.

But you wanna know what that means in the grand scheme of this whole life thing?


Seriously. Nada. Zip. ZERO.

Lately at The Anti-MBA we’ve talked about:

  1. Creating new businesses
  2. Earning a few extra grand a month
  3. Other business-y “how to be successful” crap

And as I’ve talked about this kinda stuff with the group I’ve realized we’re all using money to help us find one thing: happiness and meaning.

So instead of reading another book about making money or being more productive, how about we get out of our comfort zone and learn about something that’s real…something that matters!

The Anti-MBA is now Pro-Happiness!

The Anti-MBA meets every Monday in San Francisco.

If you wanna join us for a meetup or just wanna follow along online, enter your email here:


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PS: don’t worry…I haven’t gone all hippy on ya. I still care about money and business 🙂 But it never hurts to try something new, right?

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  2. it is one of my favorite books , i liked how it was a mixture of his personal experience , and analysis to human nature .

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  5. Ok Kate, I don’t know what the world was doing before your blog. Because bascially every time you write a post, it is exactly what I needed to hear the most.It’s crazy, this process you’re talking about NEVER stops. Even when you think you’ve made it, think things are going to finally work out perfectly, there are still the same battles, the same obstacles and the same shit pops up. At least for me.I’m sitting here in the airport at LAX waiting for a flight to SF and I have been feeling like I have chaos all around me the past week even though not even 2 weeks ago I just packed up and moved across the country to make a dream a reality things are still fucked up and I’m still not perfect at navigating.BUT, something has massively changed, and that is the way I handle it when the shit hits the fan. I can feel myself wanting to pull into my shell, run away or go back home, but instead I’ve begun to recognize that the more chaos exists the more focused I need to get and the more I need to look for great resources and beacons of light in what feels like the darkness.That’s why I read your blog when I feel dark. That’s why I watch a video on youtube by someone who inspires me, someone who has been doing what I want to be doing a little longer. I look to my inspirations and I keep my eye on the prize.That’s why I’m heading to one of the most incredible events I’ve ever been to in SF, even though I think I can’t afford it, even though I’m not sure of my current status in certain relationships, even though I don’t know if I have the skill and the knowledge to take what I’ll learn at this conference and actually make it worth the considerable financial investment even though I’m homesick and miss my friends all of those things are valid and make me feel uncertain but I am choosing to focus on what I am 100% certain of: If I don’t take ACTION, right now, none of those things will change, and I will still be exactly where I am right now tomorrow.When I go to sleep tonight, I want to feel like I did my best. And that when I go to sleep tomorrow night, I did it again, only it was a little better than the day before .and continue.xo

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