Best Personal Finance App 2017: This App Changed My life

I’m CRAZY strict about tracking my finances.

I use to use Mint but hated the interface.

So one day last year, after reading John Rockefeller’s biography, I started tracking all my expenses by hand.

As a reminder, John Rockafeller was the founder of Standard Oil, the richest man to ever live, and one hell of a character.

Once fascinated tidbit about Rockafeller is starting as a kid he tracked every penny he spent in a little notebook called Ledger A.

He claimed it kept him from excess spending. Plus, he never stressed about money because he knew exactly how much money he was spending.

That story inspired me to download My Weekly Budget…which has become the greatest app I’ve ever downloaded.

It’s stupid simple. All you do is set a weekly budget then manually enter each purchase. That’s it. You don’t even say what you spent money on. That simple act of manually entering each purchase is the reason why I haven’t checked my bank balance in over a year. I know exactly how much I spend each week.

It’s not like I don’t spend money. I do. But the physical act of entering in my expenses immediately  after a purchase has changed the game for me.

If you’re nervous about losing weight or personal fiances, starting tracking them. Hell, this guy loss 50 pounds just from tracking his weight!

Oh yeah…if you want a good read, pick up Rockafeller’s bio. It’s the second best book I’ve ever read. If you wanna learn about self-discipline and building strong character, you’ll love it.

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