Winning the San Francisco Mayoral Race is Easy

Food for thought:

I’ve been frustrated by some of the things happening in San Francisco and how the local government has been handling things.

Because of that, I started thinking of ways to make my (or people who think like me) voice heard.

So, after doing a tiny amount of research, I noticed that the mayor of SF only had 105,298 votes in SF, allowing him to win in a landslide. Again, I haven’t researched this a ton yet, but that seems like a shockingly low number.

Additionally, I’d bet that many of the people who do not vote are the techies, which I define as 25-40-year-olds who work in tech, finance, and other high paying roles, have only lived in SF for 1-15 years and moved here primarily for work. This is backed up by the SF Gate article below.

So…I’ve started to think: I think there’s a huge opportunity here for a person who speaks on behalf of the techie contingent to make a major dent in SF politics.

With a great local digital marketing strategy (similar to what Trump, Hill, and Obama did…email lists, social, etc.) and some financing, which wouldn’t be tough for a techie type person, this idea seems incredibly attainable.

So, who wants to run for mayor of SF?…/Tech-voting-bloc-in-SF-Not-yet-6139…