The Anti-MBA Book Club, Principles: Week 1

Dearest Anti-MBA-ers,

Welcome to week 1 of this month’s book, Principles.

For this week, read Part One: Where I’m Coming From. Pages 0 to 131.

As you read, comment in the FB group:

A few things to look out for and know:

1. This first part of the book is about Ray Dalio’s life. In my opinion, it’s the best part.

2. One thing that I love is that Ray nearly went broke in his early to mid 30’s and even had to power a couple grand from his parents to support his family. While he’s currently one of the most richest men in the world (worth $17b), he was far from an overnight success.

3. My favorite part from the book is when Ray describes shapers, which are people who put dents in the world. I summarized that part and put my thoughts here:

4. Ray is incredibly logical. Almost too logical. He stays away from emotion when it comes from decision making. In my opinion, this is incredibly inhuman. What do you think?

Ok. Start reading. I’ll email you again on Sunday with next week’s reading.

Remember…comment in the FB group with cool sh*t that you’re learning.

– Sam

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