How Many Years Does it Take to Become a Millionaire?

I hear a lot of people throw around the term “overnight success”. And, for the most part, I think it’s complete nonsense.

See, while the internet has certainly made it possible for a few lotto winners to from $0 to $1b, for the majority of people who’ve achieve monetary success, it took decades

Not everyone goes from idea to IPO in months.

Behind (nearly) every success is years, and years of hard work. And to prove my point, I create a doc that shows this.

sam parr, ceo doc, the anti-mba

The CEO Doc

After reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene I’ve been obsessed with the idea of apprenticeships. The book is pretty long, so I’ll sum it up in a sentence or two:

Successful people, (and “geniuses”) are folks who have mastered their craft. To master your craft, you must study intensely for 5 to 10 years…so basically, an apprenticeship.

In the book, Greene tells the stories of Darwin, Einstein, and Ford…but I’d thought it’d be cool to create what I call The CEO Doc, which shows exactly how long it takes to be an overnight success:

sam parr, ceo doc, the anti-mba

The CEO Doc

Interesting points about The CEO Doc:

  • Andrew Mason and Jeff Bezos skyrocketed to success
  • Jack Dorsey has been programming for a long, long time
  • The magic age to start something amazing looks to be 27

Anyway, give it a read and check out Mastery.

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