It’s funny…I spent $30,000 a year for a business degree but I don’t use any of it in my business career. So how did I learn about business? Books.

How The Anti-MBA Book Club works:

  1. Read a business book a month (1/4th of the book each week).
  2. I send you essays and content on that week’s reading. Example themes: viral marketing (Made To Stick), salesmanship (Influence), power (The 48 Laws of Power).
  3. By the end of the month, your brain is jam packed full with knowledge from a badass book and practical advice on how to apply the knowledge.

This month’s book is The Biography of Ben Franklin:



How To Join

To join:

  1. Buy the book. If you use the link above I get 5% of the book price, which is the only way this site makes money.
  2. Enter your email in the little ole’ email box on this page.
  3. Join at any point and you’ll get access to the content.

Why you’re reading this page…

How many times have you read a book and thought to yourself “Now THIS is the stuff I wish I learned in college!”


How often do you read exciting books and say “How on earth can I implement this in my life?”

That’s EXACTLY why The Anti-MBA was created.

The Anti-MBA Book Club is a group of young entrepreneurs, startup-ers, and business people who meet once a week (both online and in San Francisco) to discuss popular books and ideas. If you’re into self-growth then this-is-for-you.

This group is not only focused on studying the books that are often neglected in the college curriculum, but on implementing the ideas we learn into our daily lives.

Yes…that means creating ACTIONABLE and SPECIFIC steps to apply what we learn. The subjects we study include: leadership, business, and other cool ideas.

We read a book a month and interview experts on that book’s to learn more about the text, specifically how to apply it into daily life.

To join, enter your email on this page. In the email you’ll get a reading schedule, link to buy the book, and once a week interviews with an expert.

Don’t have time to read?

“I wanna read this book…but I just don’t have the time.” Yup, I hear that a lot. That’s OK though. You’ll learn more by reading the actual book, but each week I’ll also send you a summary of the past week’s reading. Plus, you’ll learn a helluva lot from the expert interviews.

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